10 ideas for Olympics Opening Ceremony watching party

Premiers Friday February 8th, 2018

Chances are you are not one of the Olympic athletes that will be attending this years 2018 Winter Olympics held in South Korea. Like me you will be either watching with a handful or houseful of friends. Come on this event only happens every four years it deserves extra effort to make it memorable and medal worthy. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Dress like your favorite athlete, go Greek or your favorite sport
  2. Serve Cheetos’s in ice cream cone (this can be an Olympic torch)
  3. Serve food from the country hosting the Olympic’s or have guests bring a dish from the country they are rooting for.
  4. Serve drinks alcoholic or non-alcoholic from the country hosting the Olympic’s and every time your team/athlete is mentioned take a sip.
  5. Have a mini obstacle course set up for guest to compete in. Have medals to hand out at the end
  6. Pick a different country other than the USA to root for through out the course the Olympic games.
  7. Play match it. Examples: player with the sport, player with their country, country with year they hosted.
  8. Play Olympic Bingo. Created using either the sports or players.
  9. Buy or decorate donuts to create your own Olympic rings.
  10. Hand out good bags to everyone who attended.