7 Kick-Butt ways to beat the winter blues

7 Kick- Butt Ways to beat the Winter Blues

  1. Step out into the light daily
  2. Laugh a lot! Come visit us at Aunt Elsie’s
  3. Be of service to others.
  4. Take a class.
  5. Take Vitamin D.
  6. Tell someone daily 3 things you are grateful for.
  7. Get up, Get showered, Get dressed.

Did you Know?


Work boxes, knife boxes, toilet cases, and deed boxes can all tell us a great deal about the requirements of domestic life in other periods and its use in many social levels. It was common practice to replace some of the exterior and interior fitments because of damage or to update the look/use. One example is replacing the cutlery fitments with letter compartments. Adding legs to these type of boxes was popular to. Below are some examples.

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15 Way to Beat the Winter Blues


    15 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues 

  1. Get up, get showered, Get dressed.
  2. Clean up any clutter.
  3. Move your body.
  4. Open the curtains and turn on lights.
  5. Laugh a lot
  6. Play up lifting music
  7. Get out of the House!
  8. Write in a gratitude journal.
  9. Eat Healthy foods
  10. Meditate
  11. Be of service to others.
  12. Take vitamin D
  13. Drink lots of water.
  14. Hang out with friends. Like those of as at Aunt Elsie’s
  15. Enlist help from a friend.

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Did You Know?

here has always been a school of thought which holds that the first generation of “American” furniture makers were merely English transplants. Which may be true; however the early designs may have been identical, some of the materials used were different and required necessary changes in construction and to some extent the proportions.

Examples of early American furniture maker (Charles F. Montgomery) and English (Duncan Phyfe)


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