Furniture Paint Class this Saturday March 10, 2018

Call today to sign up 801-561-5557. Cost is $65, please bring your own small project to paint

St. Patrick’s Day is coming, are you decorated?

What’s New as of March 7, 2018

Can you identify what any of following items are or their names?

Mark your Calendar and call to RSVP for you Spot

 Saturday March 10, 2018 at 9:00 AM

Class cost is $65, this includes paint and supplies. Please bring your own small projected to work on. Call 801-561-5557.

25 % off of STORE owned Home Accents and Spring Decorations

We Look, But do we really see?

We see many things through out our day, but do we really see? Ask your self the following questions.

*What color is the upholstery in your office/work space?

*Which coin has a building on the reverse side?

*What color are the door knobs in your home?

*What side is your tooth brush/holder on?

*Where do you keep your cheese grater?

*What is the name of the first business you pass on your way to work?

*What color of socks did your partner/child/ sibling wear today?

*What do you have laying or sitting in your center console of your car?

How well did you do?


Tooo Excited. Books have arrived!

What has arrived as of 2-28-2018

Here’s your sign