New Century Word or the week 12-16-22

Nef: Table ornament in the form of a ship.

Neo-Classic: of the eighteenth century classical revival.

Nest of Drawers: The case of small or diminutive chest of drawers.

Nest of Tables: graduated tables made to fit one below the other were first made towards the end of the eighteenth century. Four was the normal number and for this reason they were called ‘Quartetto’ tables.

Netsuke: (Japanese, pronounced ‘netsky’) from ne-a-root, and tsuke-to fasten) A toggle with holes used to secure the cord on which a man carried his personal belongings.

Nevers: Important French center for the manufacture of Faience from the late sixteenth century. Several factories flourished in the seventeenth century and for much of the eighteenth and the wares.

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New Century Word of the week December 7-15

M words and starting N words.

Mudjar Rugs: Brilliantly tinted and often containing as many as ten colors, with characteristic main stripe of border made up of squares around diamonds with roses within, like tessellated tiles.

Muntin: Upright between panels.

Murano: Island near Venice to which the glass-houses of the city were transferred in the thirteenth century owing to the danger of fire. Venetian glass is often called Murano glass.

Murrhine or Murrine: Early mosaic ware from the East, found in the form of bowls and cups.

Musket: Heavy firearm (14-20 lb.) which originated in Spain. Out of favor by 1650, but the term remained to describe any portable long-arm gun.

Nailsea Glass: Glass-house founded 1788 by John R. Lucas at Nailsea, near Bristol. Nailsea produced what is probably the most flamboyant glass ever made in England. Colorful to the last, the Nailsea Glass-house closed in 1873.

Neale, James: Pottery manufacturer active Hanley, 1776-1800, who worked with various partners and traded as Neale & Palmer, Neale & Co., Neale & Wilson; made cream colored wares but the best known products are those in imitation of Wedgwood, jasper, basalts, etc.