Did You Know?

Franciscan dinnerware was a product of Gladding, McBean & Company. Formed in 1875 as a producer of sewer pipe, and architectural terracotta. After acquiring the Los Angeles Presses Brick Company in 1927, Gadding McBean became the largest manufacturer of industrial terracotta west of the Mississippi. However, high demand for construction materials diminished during the depression, and in 1933 they began the manufacture of dinnerware known to insure the company;s continuing profitability.

In 1940 Gladding, McBean & Company. introduced their first hand- painted embossed earthenware dinnerware line: Franciscan Apple. During the 1940’s & 1950’s. Franciscan dinner ware would produce Desert Rose, Ivy and over a dozen other hand painted embossed patterns.

(Note: This was taken from New Century Collector, written by Dennis Barker.)

Aunt Elsie’s currently has a set of Ivy