Did You Know?

Tall Chest 1730-1800 Taken from Antiques directory By Judith & Martin Miller

Four distinct types of tall chest were made in the last three decades of the 18th century. They were: the flat top pediment (pictured below #1Chippendale walnut chest-chest 1800 and the elaborate bonnet top pediment 1780 #2). The tall chest proper, made in one pieces and chest-on-stand, otherwise known as a high chest of highboy. All forms varied considerably in design, all have either two shallow or more commonly the one deep tier.

The arrangement of drawers in the upper part was at least as varied. The top tier may be a single drawer, two or three, and the second tier a single or a pair. This sometimes gave rise to problems in placing drawer pulls- compare the subtlety shown in #3 with #4.

Chest-to-Chests, unless of the pedimented kind, and tall chests are usually devoid of ornament in the Chippendale period, other than some molding to the cornice and feet. Occasionally the apron will be scalloped as in # 5.

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