New Century word of the week Aug 9-12

August 6-12

WOOT WOOT, I found the G and H words. I apologize for the detour. We will resume to L’s once we have finished the G and H words.

Gadrooning: Convex curves in a series used as a ornament carved on the edge of furniture.

Gallipot: Small jar, usually  with handle, used by apothecaries.

Garnish: Strictly, a complete set of pewter comprising a dozen platters, a dozen bowls and a dozen small plates; but the term is also used to indicate a set of plates and dishes generally. (Here I thought it was the sprig of parsley on my plate.)

Gate-leg: Term applied to an oval (sometimes round) table with drop leaves and extra legs on hinges at either side which swing out to support the raised leaves, usually in oak.

Gather: The blob of molten glass that the glass blower’s gathers on the end of his blowpipe. (Once again I thought this is what you did with fabric and family. Who knew?)

Gesso: A preparation of chalk worked into a paste with parchment size, used as priming before coloring or gilding furniture. In the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries the gesso coat on mirrors and side tables received low relief carving before gilding.

Gilding: The extreme malleability of gold permits a thin skin of it to be fixed to a plaster ground.

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