New Century Word of the Week November 22-29

“M” Words Continue

Mazarin: Originally a bowl or cup, but now a pierced silver dish used as a strainer for fish dishes.

Medallion: A circular or oval disc decorated with objects in relief; also a portion of a decorative design (as in carpets) which is specially treated.

Menuisier: French term that corresponds to the English ‘carpenter’. One who worked in plain or carved woods, lacking veneers for furniture.

Meshed Rugs:  Persian rugs, usually incorporating a large central medallion and floral designs.

Mezza-Majolica: A misnomer (the term means half-majolica) sometimes applied to lead-glazed earthenware.

Mortar: A vessel (for use with a pestle) that was made from very early times when they were usually of stone.

Mortise and Tenon: the mortise is the receptacle, the cavity, which should be an exact fit to take the  Tenon or tongue. With doe tailing this is the joiner’s favored joint in furniture making.