New Century Word of the Week September 1-8

 “H” continues.

Herculaneum: (1) Furniture. According to Sheraton, an upholstered chair in the extreme classical taste. (2) Pottery, earthenware, stoneware, and even some unpretentious porcelain, produced at the Herculaneum Pottery, Liverpool, with the name Hereke in Turkish Arabic on outer stripe.

Herringbone: A band of veneer formed of two strips, of which the grain, running diagonally, produces a herring bone or ‘feathered’ effect.

Highboy: Term of comparatively recent origin applied to a chest of drawers resting on a stand or frame.

Hollow Ware: Large pots, tankards, flagons, measurers.

Hood: The upper part of a clock case, especially the removable top section of a long-case clock.

Hoof-Foot: one of the oldest decorative terminals for furniture legs. In England its use date from the end of the seventeenth century.

Hoop-Back: Chair back in which the uprights merge into the top rail to form a hoop. The Windsor chair is often a hoop-back.

Hutch: A term that has been used to indicate quite different articles, a bin or kneading-trough, a dole cupboard, a chest, sometimes on legs and sometimes without them or with a canted lid.