New Century Word

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Kick: The cone, as found in most modern wind bottles, drawn up inside many old glass vessels.

Kidderminster Rugs: Kidderminster was probably the first rug-making center in England, a factory being founded as early as 1735; by 1750 the first loom for making Brussels carpets was set up and the industry grew to become very prosperous.

Kidney Table: Table with top shaped like a kidney; late eighteenth century.

Kingwood: Brazilian wood of rich violet-brown shading into black and showing distinct streaky markings, not unlike Rosewood, also known as Prince Wood.

Kriman Rugs: Persian, Closely woven, Senna knot, short wool pile; colors are soft-white, pink, grey-and floral also bird patterns are typical.

Knee: The broad upper part of a cabriole leg.

Knee-Hole Table: Writing tables and dressing table with recessed centers to accommodate the knees of the sitter, date from the early eighteenth century.


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