New Century words for week August 27-31

“H” begins

Hall Chair: Formal, upright-backed and square-seated of mahogany usually, un –upholstery for the caller to sit in while waiting.

Hall-Mark: The particular mark of the Assay Office at which a piece of plate is assayed. Marker’ marks and date letters are not, strictly, hall-marks. Hall-marks were introduced in England in 1300 when the Wardens of the London Goldsmith’s were ordered to assay and mark with a leopard’s head. All plates before it left the Goldsmith’s. The purpose was to indicate quality and prevent fraud.

Hanap: A standing cup. (not to be confused with a sitting one)

Hand and cup Vase: Small vase of Parian ware, the form being that of a human hand holding aloft a narrow cup. Hmmmm.

Hand Cooler: Usually egg-shaped (also called “eggs”), of hard stone or glass, used for darning. Do you remember what “darning”means?

Harpsichord: First made in England in the fifteenth century but very few examples survive earlier than the eighteenth century. This stringed musical instrument is enclosed in a case like the later.

Heart Case: Ususally of lead or pewter; for the embalming and preserving of a heart bound for a distant burial. WOW who would have thought?