New Century words of the week 16-22

K words

Kabistan Rugs: Caucasian, of fine weave, making use of the Ghiordiz knot; the wool pile is soft and silky. Designs are usually geometrical, cones, stars the basic colors being blue and red supported by green, brown and ivory.

Kaklemon: A style of decoration that derives from Japanese porcelain-vigorous designs of animals and flowers in bright colors with the asymmetry particular to Japanese art. The name comes from a Japanese family of potters who worked at Arita Kandler.

Kaolin: China clay. (See Porcelain.)

Karaja Rugs: Persian, of very fine weave, Senna knot, thick, short wool pile. Curved medallions are the usual main design, the floral borders being in red, brown and dark blue with supporting colors.

Kazak Rugs: Caucasian, of coarse weave, Ghiordiz knot coarse weave pile. Characteristic are the brilliant colors red, green and yellow, supported by blue. The border may have from three to four strips.