New Century words of the week for July 8-14

J words


Jackfield: The term applies to black- glazed red earthenware, some of which was made at the Jacob Georges (1739-1814): French cabinet-maker whose chairs are particularly esteemed. He did a lot of work for the crown.


Japanning (Metal): To cover with a hard black varnish.

Japanning (Wood): Lacquered or japanned furniture from the Orient. The best came from Japan.

Jardinière (French): A pot or container for flowers.

Jasper Ware: Fine stoneware made by Wedgewood. The body was slightly translucent and Wedgewood was able to stain in throughout, first with blue and then with the shades of green and then came other colors, notably black. Cameos, medallions and plaques were the main products.

Joiner: A maker of furniture before the days of the cabinetmaker (who came into his own at the end of the seventeenth century). Originally known as an Arkwright, there is a reference to ‘the joiners’ of the City of London’ as early as the 1400. The joiner did in fact join pieces of wood together by means of mortise and tenon, dowels or wood pins, whereas the cabinetmaker was to bring with him a new technique which involved the use of different joins and metal fasteners such as nails, screws and also glue.