New Century Words of the week for June 11-17

I was asked to have a word for ever day of the week. So here it is. We have started in the “C’s” as that is when I got the idea to do this. I will go back and find the New Century issues with the “A” & “B” words. Thank you for the interest.

June 11-CABOCHON: A precious stone which is polished but not cut or shaped into a regular figure.

June 12- CALLOT FIGURE: Dwarf figures, frequently grotesque, as made at several porcelain factories during the eighteenth century, particularly at Meissen and Vienna. The name derives from Jacques Callot (1593,1635), French artist and engraver.

June 13- CAMEO BACK: One undoubted Victorian contribution to the English chair: open oval back and cabriole legs: from 1840.

June 14- CAMEO GLASS: Glassware carved with relief decoration through one or more layers of contrasting colors.

June 15- CANAPE: French word for sofa. (who knew?)

June 16- CANDELABRUM: A standing branched support for more than one candle.

June 17- CANDLE BOX: Box, of oak usually, or some metal such as brass, pewter or even silver, for storing candles.


Candle Stand: A portable stand for supporting a light such as a candelabrum. Often in pairs.