New Century words of the week June 18-23

We are still in the “C’s”. I am learning a lot as I write this. I hope you are too.


Canteen: A small wooden case divided into compartments for carrying bottles. Also: a cutlery case for the traveler. (not what I learned it was)

Canterbury: Muse rack of several vertical divisions, with drawer(s) or shelf beneath. Also: supper tray with partitions for cutlery and plate.

Capitol: The head (or top) of a column or pilaster.

Capo-di-Monte: a factory for making porcelain set up in 1743 at Capo-di-Monte bear Naples, by Charles, King of Naples.

Carcase: the main structure of a piece of furniture on which veneer is applied. (once again this is not what I learned it was)

Carlton House Table: D-shaped writing-table, the back semicircular, the straight front containing drawers, the top built t the back with further drawers and sometimes surmounted by a gallery.

Carrara Ware: The Wedgewood equivalent of Parian ware(q.v); name derives from the white marble of Tuscany.

Cartouche: Orginally a roll or case of paper, but also applies to an ornament in the form of table representing a sheet of paper with the ends rolled or curled over. (interesting)

Carver Chair: A name given to a heavy, square type of American chair of turned oak, named after Governor Carver’s chair at the Pilgrim hall; Plymouth.

Cassone: Italian chest or coffer, an important piece of furniture in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.