New Century words of the week June 24-30

I will be honest there are a lot of “C” words. Unfortunately, I do not have “D or E” so we are moving on to “F”. I am giving you a list of new “F” words to use.

Faience: Pale red earthenware covered with a tin glaze. The term dates from the beginning of the seventeenth century and is thought to derive rather from the Italian town of Faenza than from the French Fayence.

Fan Back: Windsor chair back, flared like a fan.

Fauteuil: French term for an arm-chair; but when used precisely, an arm-chair whose sides are not upholstered. (who knew)

Fender: The wide hearth made fenders unnecessary till the late seventeenth century, but in the eighteenth century steel fenders. shaped, pierced and engraved, became common.

Festoon: a garland of flowers, leaves, fruit, etc., loosely suspended between two points- hence a representation of similar ornaments in carving, stucco and painting.

Finger Vase: Vase consisting of five flower holders arranged as are the fingers of a hand. Made at Delft and other ceramics centers. (weird)

Flagon: Formerly a bottle to hold liquor; later a tall drinking vessel with a handle and usually a lid, forerunner of the tankard.

Frieze: Member of an entablature coming between architrave and cornice. (?)