New Century Words of week August 20-26

Welcome to the “G’s”

Gothic: The style of architecture, of which the pointed arch is preponderantly typical, that prevailed from the twelfth to the sixteenth century in Europe and which influence is to be seen in the furniture and metal ware of that time. There was a Gothic revival in England in the second quarter of the eighteenth century.  (Not what I think of as Gothic. How did we come up with that name to call people who dress in black clothing?)

Gout Stool: Foot stool, usually of the X-frame type, for the afflicted, for whom such stools were specifically made in the Georgian period.

Graining: This process of painting a cheap wood to reproduce the grain, color, texture and figure of a more esteemed and costly wood goes back ( in England) as least to Elizabethan times when oak and walnut were thus counterfeited.

Grandfather Clock: Nineteenth-century name for a long case clock.

Grandmother Clock: A small long-case clock.

Grand Sonnerie Striking: A sequence of clock striking that strikes the quarters and the hour at every quarter.

Guilloche: Ornament consisting of two or more intersecting curved bands twisting over each other and repeating the same figure in a continued series.