Re-Purposing: Everything that’s old is new again

Taken from New Century Collector June 2019, Written by Denise Barker. To read the full article come in and get the paper.


I don’t recall anyone, ever referring to me as “trendy”.  As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure my kids think my feet were set in concrete somewhere during the middle of the past century. But, as I began considering the current trend of “re-purposing” ( to use or convert for use one item to another) I also began to reassess my own hipness. Behind the desk at which I am working, sits a big wooden file cabinet, which I acquired , when some old used furnishings were being discarded from my wife’s office. This is of course, not in and of itself impressive, however, this piece of furniture no longer lives life as a file cabinet. The drawers have been gutted, and it now serves as a repository for my tools. Viola, completely re-purposed.

What have you Re-purposed?


Here are a few that are Aunt Elsie’s

Father’s Day Idea’s

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Did You Know?

Collecting Vintage Bookends By Denise Baker- Taken from May 2019 New Century Collector

The First Bookends appeared during the late 1600’s. As books had become more widely available, a lectern (slanted top reading desk) no longer provided adequate storage, and simple shelving began to emerge allowing books to be stored vertically instead of in horizontal stacks. At first books were held upright by staking the tomes tightly, however, bookends soon began to appear, usually taking the for of any heavy object that would sit securely on the shelf. It wouldn’t take long for these homespun items to evolve into decorative and sometimes artistic objects, and by the twentieth century, bookends were a staple in most homes.

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