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New Century word of the week November 10-15

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Low Boy: American term for a small dressing table with drawers; often made en suite with a high boy.

Lustre Glass: Originally a chandelier, a lustre is now usually a vase with flaring rim from which hand prismatic glass pendants; candle lustres are candle stands with hanging glass pendants.

Lyre back: Chair back in which the back is carved in the shape of a lyre (late eighteenth century).

On to M words

Maigelein: Early German drinking glass in the form of a low palm cup (without handles) and with a ‘kick’ ( a cone of glass drawn up inside as with many modern wine bottles).

Magolica: Earthenware with a tin enamel glaze, Made in Italy in the fifteenth-eighteenth centuries. The name is said to derive from the island of Majorca, whence Spanish luster-ware was exported to Italy.

Malling Jugs: Tin enameled pottery jugs globular in shape, made probably in London, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Manheim Gold: Alloy of copper, zinc and tin.

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